Video Systems

Upstaging provides LED video walls, projection, cameras, media servers, and all the latest control elements for any size production. Our professional event video system packages are designed for maximum flexibility and quick set-up times.

It is truly awe inspiring to see all the different approaches to visual effects and content being designed specifically to match the event attitude.

Concert, corporate & special events all blend these elements in order to create the environments that maximize visual appeal and impact.

Here are some of the groundbreaking LED & Video products that Upstaging can provide.




  • Green Hippo V4 Boreal
  • disguise
  • Catalyst
  • Arkaos

LED Processors

  • Martin P3-200
  • Brompton Technologies Tessera M2

LED Screens

  • Martin 10 mil to 40 mil video tiles (high resolution to low resolution)
  • ROE – MC-9H – 9mm
  • ROE – Vanish 25 – 25mm
  • ROE Carbon 5W in T4V frames , full and half panels
  • Upstaging Saber- 1M, 0.5M, 0.25M
  • Saber Block
  • Yestech Magic Stage p4.8 panels – MG7- 500mm x 500mm
  • MG11- 125mm x 500 mm (to make corners)
  • MG12- 500 mm x 500mm Triangle Panels
  • MG13- 500mm x 500mm Rounded Corner

Cameras and Switching

  • Full custom fly packs of all engineering and camera systems.