Production Teams Trust the Big Red Trucks

Upstaging is not just any trucking company. We’ve specialized in production transportation for nearly 50 years.

We understand and anticipate the unique needs and challenges of moving production sets and equipment. With our unique experience, we can head off problems before tour managers even know they exist.

Secure Transportation with 24-Hour Support

Upstaging maintains a young fleet of trucks, each one fully equipped with security features and in excellent running condition. Not only can you trust our fleet to arrive at the venue on time—you can trust us to look good doing it. Our logistics team is on call 24 hours a day to monitor the fleet, spotting and correcting transportation issues before they become full-blown problems. With our decades of event production experience, we can foresee and prevent most potential problems before they occur.

Peace of mind is why I use Upstaging whenever possible. Problems come up on tour, but Upstaging usually finds the solution before I ever knew there was a problem. I never have to worry about border crossings, long drives, or equipment—Upstaging has the best people and equipment. With that comes peace of mind.

Tour Manager

Joel Forman

Comprehensive Insurance Protection for Your Production

Upstaging sets the industry standard for insurance coverage, protecting your production at the highest level possible.

We carry an umbrella insurance policy of $50 million, plus cargo insurance of $2 million per vehicle and $5 million per tour. You can be named as additional insured.

Upstaging has full authority to operate as a trucking provider in the United States and Canada.

Upstaging truck on the road

Red is Green—Upstaging’s Commitment to Environmentally Responsible Trucking

To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve invested in Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for all our vehicles. APUs are power generators that provide energy without the need to keep the engine idling and consuming fuel.
Upstaging is the only trucking company in the event production industry with an APU on every company-owned tractor.
Upstaging trucks parked at a venue

Trust the big red trucks to transport your production.

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Used Trucks for Sale

Upstaging takes pride in keeping our fleet fresh and up to date, so we replace our trucks often. If you’re interested in buying a retired tractor or trailer from us, click here.

Drive for Upstaging

Experienced, reliable drivers can accelerate their careers by driving for the entertainment industry’s premiere trucking company. Want to work for us? Click here.