Put Your Show in Its Best Light

Whether you need high-impact lighting for a performance, dramatic lighting for an exhibit, or atmospheric lighting for an event, Upstaging has you covered. Our state-of-the-art equipment and creative design are the best in the business. Your system arrives at the venue fully prepared and ready to go. Event and performance lighting is operated by the same technicians who assembled and tested it, so there are no surprises. Our installation services ensure your exhibit lighting is installed safely and correctly for easy operation and breathtaking impact.

Concert Tour Stage Lighting

For more than 50 years, Upstaging has been lighting up the stage for the biggest names in entertainment. We've toured the globe putting on dazzling displays for spectacular shows.

Coldplay tour

Coldplay World Tour

Coldplay has partnered with Upstaging for decades to create exceptional productions. During planning, the goal was to give the audience a captivating concert experience while promoting sustainability. Upstaging achieved an elegant solution...

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Special Event Lighting

Upstaging’s dynamic lighting expertise has been on display everywhere from small corporate retreats to arenas full of wrestling fans. Indoors, outdoors, live, or televised—there’s no limit to what we can do to make your event special.

We’ve lit events like:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Industry conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches
  • Live and recorded televised events
  • Livestreams
  • Video shoots
  • Cinematic productions

Lana'i Ocean Theater performance

Lana’i Ocean Theater

We worked with Lightswitch and OSA to create an outdoor amphitheater designed to host everything from intimate jam sessions to stadium-filling concert artists.

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 Exhibit Lighting

Whether you need product branding to make your show booth pop or a dramatic impact to impress museum visitors, you can count on Upstaging’s cutting-edge systems and practical designs.

Blue Paradox hallway

Blue Paradox Exhibit

After a sold-out run in London, RadicalMedia brought The Blue Paradox, its breathtaking exhibit on the ocean plastic crisis, to Chicago as a permanent installation. Upstaging was brought in to install video screens, trusses, and an immersive lighting system designed by Ben Bauer.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Our 24,000-square-foot technical rehearsal space makes it possible to fully assemble and test lighting rigs before they head out to the venue. Your creative team can work comfortably onsite in our programming suite while your system is being built and tested. The suite includes studio-quality recording and playback, as well as virtual programming on 60-inch plasma monitors. When your lighting system arrives at your venue, you know it’s tested, proven, and ready to rock n’ roll.

As a young designer, I befriended a lot of concert lighting directors, like Butch Allen and Abigail Rosen Holmes. They all told me Upstaging rules—and I agree.

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Find out why Upstaging is the preferred vendor of the entertainment industry's top lighting directors.

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