Concert Touring

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Concert Touring

From concept to concert, we put on spectacular shows for the biggest names in music.  Everything we do is designed to take the pressure off of you. Our success comes from the preparation that goes into each lighting system. Your system will arrive fully prepared and ready to go, complete more

Corporate Events

Whether your event is being held in the smallest of meeting rooms or the largest arena, our goal remains the same, High Impact! Upstaging has the expertise and creativity to excite your audience, add dynamic to your message, electrify your product launch, leaving your audience energized and amazed.

Special Events & Television

From black tie to televised, Upstaging brings flare to the most distinguishable events.  Indoors, outdoors, live or televised, the imagination is the only limit to what we can do for your event.  Our experience covers the full spectrum of live and recorded television, video shoots, and cinema productions.

Exhibit Lighting

Among a vast sea of exhibits, yours needs to make a lasting impression. Upstaging’s innovative, cutting-edge systems will make your exhibit and products soar above the rest. Whether you require enhanced product branding or a dramatic theatrical look, we’ll get it done.  Our experienced staff will help implement a design, more