Custom Display & Scenic

From napkin sketch to execution, Upstaging is capable of transforming concepts into production solutions. Whether it’s your design or a collaborative effort, our diverse staff of skilled craftsmen can provide the expertise to fabricate custom solutions tailored to meet your production’s unique needs.

If you’re looking to create small one of a kind displays or large scale exhibits and live events, our talented group of professionals can help your vision become a reality. We start with a CAD drawing and renderings for your approval before our shop team gets started. Once approved, our welding, wood and paint shops will turn your concepts into reality. With a full staff of talented, designers, wood workers, welders, machinist, scenic painters, fabric artists and sculptures, we all look forward to working with you and your team! Our state of the art “Graphics Department” will add the finishing touches that can make your production or displays look clean and professional. We pride ourselves on our impeccable ability to fit within your tight deadlines with a budget we know you’ll be happy with.

In House Services

  • CNC Router Cutting
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Scenic Painting and custom back drops
  • Sculpture and foam carving
  • Large Format printing
  • Metalworking
    • Welding (Tig & Mig)
    • Custom machining and milling
  • Sewing and Drapery
    • Full sewing capabilities
    • Soft good repair

Grateful Dead Double Sided Carved Skull With RP Screen

The Large double sided Grateful Dead Skull made from Aluminum, plywood, foam and fiberglass. We started with a 16ft diameter 12×12 truss circle for the skull top, which also held the projection screen. We then welded up custom aluminum frames for the lower skull face. The Aluminum frames were then clad in plywood and 10″ of carve-able foam on both sides. We filled in the gap between the front and back with more foam. Once the lower structure was built we projected the face image onto the skull and outlined the design. Our scenic team showed off their talents by carving the foam into the “Steal Your Face” skull. Once the carving was completed on both sides it was now ready for the rigid Fiber glassed coating. Once the fiber glass and gel coat where finished it came back for the final scenic paint treatment. Specially designed scenic carts were fabricated and the Skull left our facility on time and on budget!

LD Chris Ragan |  Upstaging Account Rep- John Bahnick |  Upstaging Scenic Lead- Travis Shaffer

BRP – Show in a Box:

Our Client BRP had a need for 7 kits to ship via LTL Freight around North America. 5 in the US regions, 1 in Western Canada, and 1 French kit for Quebec area. This kit needed to include a monitor for video viewing, Graphic for PAC (parts, accessories and clothing portion), graphics for Lifestyles/Promotions, Lead Management section hold IPADs, and a registration area for welcome. As this kit was fro Off Road products we it needed an outdoor feel.

We came up with a design to encompass all these elements into one “Octopus” type wooden structure fitting into 4 crates. This included an instructional video and handbook. The structure was extremely well received and has gone all over the country from being shipped from dealer to dealer as a show display. Used at either a dealer’s open house, or an outdoor/indoor show.

Gibson – Sound Rooms:

Our client Gibson came to us with a need for an Acoustical Cinema Room to be used in the introduction of their exciting new products at CES 2017. This had to be a mobile room, that could be setup onsite, and then used again at other venues and shows. Upstaging designed a completely insulated room, complete with Saber lighting, large cinema monitor and electrical options. A double door for entry was installed to insulate steel doors to create a vacuum. Three were made, two of a smaller version, and one larger version. These sound rooms allowed Gibson to demo their products in a totally insulated and quiet space, and was very successful at the show. The large Sound Room is now being shipped to Europe for their use.