Corporate Events Case Studies

BRP Dealing Meeting

On a bi-annual basis, BRP hosts a dealer meeting for their North American and World-wide Dealers.  Upstaging has partnered with BRP for over 25 years producing these dealer meetings covering all brands for BRP including Evinrude Engines, introducing all its newest products under one roof to showcase the latest model year products and technology.  Over 2,000 BRP dealers are invited to an exciting venue where they attend a spectacular Product Reveal General Session, Showroom of New Product, Clothing and Accessories, Seminars, Demo sites to try new products, and fun-filled Celebration activities.  As a 360o service provider to BRP for many years, we have been the show producer on the initial themes, layout designs, technical consultation, 3 D renderings and floorplans, 3rd party vendor services, and technical and event management.  Upstaging provides for these events; custom displays, graphics and signage, lighting and truss systems, video and audio packages, logistical support for I&D services, and the custom trucks needed for the transportation of these specific products and equipments.  Our experienced staff includes management, lighting, audio and display technicians, supervision of 3rd party vendors, as well as extreme knowledge of the BRP products. We have taken great pride in our work with our clients in our professional staff, production, equipment and attention to all details.


WWE Business Partner Summit

During the week of WWE’s flagship event Wrestlemania, WWE host several events throughout the host city.  One of them is their Business Partner Summit where the company’s leadership and star talent present the company’s strategic plans and present the WWE Business Partner of the Year Awards.

WWE wanted this not to be just any ordinary corporate meeting.  They requested it to be a full on “rock and roll” experience and for the attendees to be surrounded with video to give them a similar experience that the fans see at the weekly Raw and Smackdown shows.  Upstaging provided the technical direction, from site survey to load-out.  We organized the logistics across multiple WWE existing vendors as well as set-up labor to make a smooth production so the WWE staff would not have to worry about the technical aspects or venue restrictions.  Upstaging provided staff, lighting, scenic, video and CAD services.

Upstaging’s experience in corporate shows, trade shows and concerts brings knowledge to the table to  that helps the client engage their audience by making them experience what their fans get to feel every week.