The Scottish Rite Theatre

Peoria, IL

The Scottish Rite Theatre operates from a majestic, century-old building just outside downtown Peoria. KDB Group, LLC trusted Upstaging to fully renovate the theater’s lighting, hoists, and control system while maintaining the venue’s historic charm.

We meticulously supervised the installation of a complete fly hoist system we provided.  Thanks to our lighting department, productions in the theater are now beautifully lit by an array of ACME Solar Impulses—a serious upgrade from the vintage Kliegl spotlights the theater had used for decades.

Upstaging also took on the refurbishment of all the interior house lights. Dozens of sconces, hanging lamps, and floor fixtures dating back to the 1920s were carefully removed, cleaned, rewired, and modernized before being reinstalled.

The Scottish Rite is a masterpiece at the center of Peoria’s arts scene. We’re proud we could bring the capabilities of a world-class performance venue to this unique vintage setting.

performance at the Scottish Rite Theatre
stage lighting at The Scottish Rite Theatre
lighting instruments hanging at the Scottish Rite Theatre
Scottish Rite Theatre house as seen from stage
The Scottish Rite Theatre balcony

Equipment Installed:

40 x ACME Solar Impulses
9 x motorized battens
4 x overstage electric rigs
2 x FOH electric rigs
1 x drapery package
2 x Paradigm architectural controllers
2 x Paradigm touchscreen stations
6 x Response Mk2 gateways
4 x Sensor IQ panels
1 x Sensor3 48-module dimmer rack
4 x ColorSource Raceways
1 x MA Lighting GrandMA 3 Lite