Coldplay World Tour

Coldplay has partnered with Upstaging for decades to create exceptional productions. When planning for the Music of the Spheres Tour began in 2021, the goal was to give the audience a captivating concert experience while promoting sustainability.

The innovative tour design was centered on a view to the sky—which meant no traditional roof. This left the staging equipment exposed to the elements and vulnerable to the whims of the weather across five continents.

Ready to meet the challenge was a creative team including creative directors Phil Harvey and Misty Buckley, lighting designer Sooner Routhier, production managers Jake Berry and Chris Kansy, lighting director Shaheem Litchmore, and programming directors Joe Lott and Matthew Kemp.

To guard against the weather, Upstaging devised a system made almost entirely of IP-rated fixtures.

In keeping with the tour’s theme, the tech needed to be not only durable, but also environmentally sustainable. Nearly all the lights were powered by LED fixtures that eliminate the need for lamps and reduce constant power drawn from arc-source luminaries.

The stage design called for a “planet” rising upstage, an effect achieved with video elements. The angle had to be matched by a truss structure nearly 200 feet wide but still efficient enough to easily move on the tour.

Upstaging developed a custom articulating truss system to fit the bill. Pre-rig, the truss is close to standard touring size, so it can travel normally.  When it’s time to set the stage, the pieces roll into place and pin together quickly.  As the truss is lifted, an interlocking ring system creates the arch that was key to the tour’s visual aesthetic.

It was an elegant solution that delivered the desired visual impact while still providing for a quick, efficient setup.

Coldplay tour
Coldplay tour