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Upstaging, Inc. has everything a production manager, event planner, or exhibit director needs to bring their vision to life.

Need to design and build set pieces, signage, and graphics? We’re on it.

How about safely transporting those pieces around the country? We’ve got you covered.

Need lighting and video effects to create the perfect atmosphere? We’re the best in the business.

With our deep experience, creative professionals, and “why not?” attitude, we create custom designs and builds for any aspect of an event. We can even be your turnkey provider and handle everything.

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From Garage to Global Company

Upstaging began in 1972 with two brothers, their friend, and a single set of stage lights. Their dream was to run a business lighting concert venues in and around Chicago.

As they put in the effort of a young company, the Upstaging crew developed relationships with the bands they worked with. The bands appreciated the level of service and quality of work, so they kept coming back—and recommended the crew to other touring acts.

Within two years, the business had outgrown the group’s two-car garage office and moved into a shop of its own. By the mid-1970s, Upstaging—which had always trucked its own equipment—began offering trucking services to tours.

music video set

As the decades rolled on, live performances got bigger and more complex—and Upstaging grew up right along with them. We’ve always stayed a step ahead, offering creative, custom ideas to elevate the impact of a powerful performance.

But the real secret to our success for more than 50 years isn’t in the tech—it’s in our people. The garage crew that founded the company still leads it today, and still values strong relationships and customer service over all else.

Whether we’re creating event lighting for a Salesforce conference, installing an exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, providing lighting or production support for Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones, or making sure Taylor Swift’s equipment gets safely to each tour stop on time, our focus is on delivering exactly what our client needs.

lighting instruments hanging in a shop
The first time I used Upstaging was for an AC/DC tour. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Since then, I’ve seen the growth at Upstaging, but the one thing that has remained is the family vibe and the personal service you don’t get from other companies. May your trucks never stop rolling and your light never grow dim.

Production Manager

Jake Berry

Everything’s In-House

Upstaging’s main facility is located near the Chicago suburbs. With 150,000 square feet of indoor storage, whatever we need during the build phase is readily at hand. We have a machine shop, wood shop, and graphics department on site, with a full staff of talented professionals to bring visions to life. See how it all comes together in our 24,000 square feet of technical rehearsal space.

Want to know if we can make your vision a reality?

Bet we can. Get in touch to find out.

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