About Us

Our achievement as a company comes from our extensive project preparation, attention to detail, dedication, and fully trained and experienced staff.

We have been in business for over 40 years and we strive at exceeding our client’s expectations by providing them with unsurpassed quality and creative structured solutions to help your company reach your ultimate potential. Upstaging has made a huge impact in both the lighting and trucking industry, but our capabilities far exceed these areas. From our  event production, signage and graphics, and custom display and scenic, Upstaging is impacting companies around the world.

Upstaging’s success is measured by your company’s success and we work hard to exceed your expectations. Dave Maxwell, lighting designer and director for Eric Clapton has recently shared his delight with Upstaging, “we had heard so many good things about Upstaging. We now have done a number of projects and tours together and have not looked back.” Robb Jibson, LD for Weezer and Fall Out Boy recently praised Upstaging, “As a young designer, I’ve befriended a lot of concert LDs, like Butch Allen and Abigail Rosen Holmes. They all say Upstaging rules, and I agree.”

The Facility


Upstaging, Inc. is conveniently located just outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. Our facility expands to almost 50 acres in the town of Sycamore, Illinois.

Upstaging’s facilities offers 100,000 square feet of indoor pre or postproduction storage and over 24,000 square feet of technical rehearsal space. With this Upstaging is capable of accommodating multiple systems simultaneously. Our production space offers 40 foot ceilings, rigging 1000 Ibs per point of five foot centers, 3000 amps three phase power access, scissor lifts reaching to our ceiling height, five loading docks and two pull thrus. Our space is sure to accommodate your show and allows the prior preparation to ensure your system is ready to perform before your tour or event starts.

Upstaging’s programming suite welcomes you to a very comfortable and peaceful environment. Our suite includes leading edge technology and offers recording quality sound and computer playback. In addition, we offer virtual programming off of our 60” plasma monitors. One can work, relax and feel refreshed without leaving the suite.