Unforgettable Live Productions

Elevate the impact of your production with breathtaking visuals audiences can’t stop talking about.


For more than 50 years, production managers for the biggest names in entertainment have turned to Upstaging for dazzling stage builds and lighting effects.


Create the perfect atmosphere for your special event—from corporate conferences to televised awards programs to the biggest event in professional wrestling.


Whether your museum is installing an exhibit or your theater is renovating its lighting system, Upstaging has the equipment and expertise to design and install what you need.

Global Capabilities. Personal Service.

Since 1972, Upstaging has been fanatically devoted to customer service. Behind every project, whether it’s a stadium-sized production or a single trade show exhibit, is the same level of personal, one-on-one attention.
As a young designer, I befriended a lot of concert lighting directors, like Butch Allen and Abigail Rosen Holmes. They all told me Upstaging rules – and I agree.

So Midwest

Robb Jibson

Peace of mind is why I use Upstaging whenever possible. Problems come up on tour, but Upstaging usually finds the solution before I ever knew there was a problem. I never have to worry about border crossings, long drives, or equipment – Upstaging has the best people and equipment. With that comes peace of mind.

Tour Manager

Joel Forman

The first time I used Upstaging was for an AC/DC tour. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Since then, I’ve seen the growth at Upstaging, but the one thing that has remained is the family vibe and the personal service you don’t get from other companies. May your trucks never stop rolling and your light never grow dim.

Production Manager

Jake Berry

    If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

    Our team has the perfect balance of creative geniuses and technical masterminds to handle a diverse array of projects. We’ll work with you to design your custom production effects. Then our crew of technicians and craftspeople will bring your vision to life. Even the biggest sets can be assembled and tested in our on-site technical rehearsal space. Then our industry-leading production trucking team can securely transport your equipment anywhere you need it to go.

    Lighting Up Stages Since 1972

    Our operation takes up nearly 50 acres in Sycamore, Illinois, just outside the Chicago suburbs. But no matter how big we get, we’re still family.