Choosing a trucking company is no simple task. You have a responsibility to your client to ensure that their equipment is in the very best hands. With Upstaging, you get much more than a truck and a driver. We provide more than 40 years of experience, the finest quality company owned tractors and trailers, reliable professional drivers, extensive insurance coverage and a logistics staff on call 24 hours a day to assist you with your production needs.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Whether you are the largest production, or the smallest; whether you are playing stadiums, or clubs; and whether you need one truck, fifty, or more, we have the experience, know how, and resources to provide the best possible service.


“Peace of Mind,” that is why I use Upstaging whenever possible.  Problems come up while on tour but Upstaging finds the solution most times before I ever knew there was a problem.  I never have to worry about border crossings, long drives or equipment.  Upstaging has the best people and equipment and with that comes my “Peace of Mind.” – Joel Forman, Bruno Mars


I remember the the first time that I used Upstaging, it was for an AC/DC Tour. Not sure of the year, maybe 1983. One of the main reasons I chose Upstaging was to get Robin Shaw to stop calling me every night, in the middle of the night, to see if I had made up my mind. Well, I did, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

From then until now I’ve seen the growth at Upstaging in both trucking and lighting. They’ve also added some set fabrication and a huge amount of storage. However, the one thing that has remained is the family vibe and the personal service that you don’t get from other companies.

So may your trucks never stop rolling and your light never grow dim. Thanks for everything these past 25 years or so, and in the future.” – Jake Berry, Madonna


Security of Our Services

Every production is unique, with it’s own set of challenges and potential problems. It’s our job to make your job easier. We offer you a sense of security in knowing that should a problem arise we have the financial, logistical, and human resources to be fully capable of a quick resolution.

Our logistics team is on call 24 hours a day to assist with your production needs. Day or night, someone from our staff is available to address your concern. Our team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals that are capable of spotting and correcting a transportation issue before it becomes a problem. Whatever your need, we are equipped and ready to handle it.

The strength of our company lies in our commitment to service, and your commitment to us. More than a quarter century of production experience and the relationships we have developed within the industry give us the ability to foresee potential problem and address them before they occur.

Most Comprehensive Insurance Protection

Upstaging sets the industry standard for insurance coverage. Through a class A underwriter, we offer the highest level of protection for your production. Our umbrella insurance is $50 million and our cargo insurance is $2 million per vehicle and $5 million per tour. We offer our clients the opportunity to be named as additional insured.

We are authorized by the Interstate Commerce Commission to operate in the United States additionally, we have full authority to operate in Canada.

Red is Green

At Upstaging, we feel a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and have made a substantial investment in Auxiliary Power Units (APU) for all our vehicles.   We are currently the only industry trucking company to have every company owned tractor equipped with an APU.

Want More

Click here if for more information or if  you’re interested in discussing a trucking proposal.


Upstaging staffs experienced and motivated professional drivers. They are reliable, dependable, and do much more than carry your load from point to point.

Our lead drivers coordinate and manage, with both the production and the rest of the drivers, each equipment move. All of our drivers are on hand to direct the packing of their load and are ready and willing to go to great lengths to ensure your transportation needs run smoothly and efficiently. We provide our lead drivers with custom ordered vehicles. A comfortable working and living environment adds immeasurably to a driver’s sense of pride and professionalism. All our drivers are equipped with cell phones.

We only staff drivers that are capable of the demanding, time sensitive schedule our industry commands. Our drivers are a large part of our reputation. We put our trust in their ability and in return gain your trust in us. We seek motivated, creative, and energetic team members who will continue to fuel our company’s success and growth. In return we provide competitive pay and outstanding benefits. All interested applicants are asked to read the following information prior to completing the application, Upstaging Driver Application Cover Letter.

Upstaging is an equal opportunity employer.

From the Road

Our drivers have a passion for the road and love to share their view from the road.  The photos in this section have all been taken by Upstaging drivers in their travels.  As you can see, driving is not their only talent.

For Sale

In an effort to maintain a young fleet, Upstaging will from time to time sell used tractors and trailers.  To inquire about any available used trucking equipment please click here.